Your time is valuable.

What resources you have are dedicated to compliance and maintenance.  But what about optimization?


You rely on your 340B software to guarantee that drugs are purchased at the correct price.  However, through the 200+ 340B compliance audits our teams have conducted over the past two years, we are ALWAYS identifying opportunities to improve drug purchasing.  Why is this happening?

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Two experienced companies. One joint-venture.

ELEVATE340B is powered by a partnership between Southwest Consulting Associates & Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions.
You can expect a fluid, consultative monitoring program that identifies opportunities to optimize your 340B program drug purchases in a compliant manner.
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You bear no financial risk.

ELEVATE340B has a performance-based fee structure.
Performance-based pricing means the fee associated with this service is ONLY based on actual, realized savings.  There is no fee to be budgeted.  You are not invoiced until cost savings are pursued and recognized.  It is rare to find a service such as ELEVATE340B where there is a financial upside for the pharmacy!  What have you got to lose?
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